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Women’s Kickboxing & Bootcamp

Victor’s women’s kickboxing/boot camp is an empowering program that is designed to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone, improve health and improve self esteem. No two classes are ever alike, but all classes consist of cardiovascular, endurance and strength training. Classes meet three times a week for 45 minutes sessions.

Some of Our Exercise Techniques Include:
Push Ups – Cardio – Crunches – Boxing – Kickboxing – Core drills and more.

Some of the Many Benefits of Our Program:
Weight loss – Reduction at the midsection – Improve mental and physical strength – Increase energy – Improved self confidence – Tone body – Knowledge of basic self defense

Our workouts are designed to maximize fun while providing a great workout for the whole body.
Please call Victor’s Mixed Martial Arts to learn more and come to a trial class. Please call (973) 234-6454